A Fellhoelter / Willumsen Collaboration

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May 28, 2009


Brian Fellhoelter and Mikkel Willumsen Announce Collaboration




Atlanta, GA — May 28, 2009 — NADEN Knives


In 2007, Brian Fellhoelter and Mikkel Willumsen met at the Blade Show in Atlanta.

They immediately became friends communicating via email often across the various continents. A big topic of discussion was collaborating on knives together.


Fast forward to Blade 2008, the topic was seriously discussed, and both men thought very seriously about it, agreeing that they should collaborate.


Brian and his wife Cristie traveled to Copenhagen in the summer of 2008, and spent two weeks at Mikkels. A plan was put in motion. Knives were to be made.


Both men set themselves to designing knives for the project, and it was agreed to remake a popular knife of Mikkel’s, the Mansum.

Mikkel drew up a Fixed Blade, and Brian refined it.

Each man designed a new IKBS flipper, Mikkel designed the “Jumper

Brian’s first flipper design, the “Storm”, was made to compliment the fixed blade.


Plane tickets were bought, material purchased, and Brian set himself to engineering the knives.


Months of hard work and planning are ready to be shown to the public.


Just in time for Blade, 2009.

Introducing NADEN Knives.

North America and DENmark


Please visit us at Blade Show tables 13BB and 13CC


All knives have Titanium Frames or Liners, CPM154 or Chad Nichols Damascus Blades

Scales are various configurations of Titanium, G10, and Carbon Fiber.


For more information,

Brian Fellhoelter



Mikkel Willumsen

+45 31 17 6333



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