My Shop

I've done my best to capture my shop on film. It seems this is a popular page for folks to check out, so I've tried to make it better.

My camera decided to take blue pictures, so the quality is a bit poor after I "fixed" them.
I have no camera skills...

We recently bought our first home, so this is my third shop now.
Hopefully I'm in this one for a long time.

I've got approximately 1000 square feet, separated into two rooms.
A grinding room, and my machine/assembly shop.


All the following photos link to larger images, so feel free to click on them and get a close up.




View through the garage door

Looking back from my computer

Looking towards the garage door

Mill, Lathe, Toolboxes

Work Bench

Work Bench

Assembly Table

Assembly Table


Assembly area

Heat Treat Envelope Station

Tile Saw

This cuts all my laminates.

Delta-Rockwell Bandsaw

Haven't even plugged this in at this shop.

Drill Press

Not plugged in either

1944 vintage, Logan Lathe

1st machine I bought


Toolboxes and Mill Bench

The Bridgeport

2 axis CNC retrofit



Drill Press Bank

Drill Press

Tapping Head

Computer Table

Sink and Computer

Etcher and anodizer

Carbidizer and Variac

Arbor Press

Heat Treat Oven

Quench plates

Tempering Oven and CatraSharp

Blast Cabinet

Dust Collector

Horizontal Grinder

Flat Platen, and 6" Contact Wheel Only

Another Horizontal grinder

Small Wheel and Platen


Flat grinder special platen.

Water cooled goodness!



Hardcore Grinder


Hardcore Disk Grinder

Variable Speed Pedestal Grinder

Leather and wire wheels on this one

Buffer / Grinder

Carbide grinding wheel, and scotchbrite

Surface grinder

Runs belts or stones

Control for my electromagnetic chuck !

Closeup of the chuck

Gotta love that fine pole electromagnet.



Below is my first shop

HERE is a link to my second Shop


Hardcore Grinder
Just another photo of the Hardcore.
This is a high quality machine. I never really see anybody talking about using them, so I don't think they are popular.
This should change as more people start to use them. It is built well.
There are a couple of things that need modification, but the features are there, I'm just not happy with their implementation.

Tru-Grit sells them, and they're good folks.

Tru-Grit had this on display in Vegas, and I noticed that they have fixed the couple of issues I had in the new ones.

My Bridgeport.
2 axis control, and homemade power drawbar.
This is a recent addition to the shop, and I don't know how I got by without it.
SOLD, don't have this anymore

Here's my slow grinder for lack of a better term. It's a copy of one I saw recently in T.C. Collins shop. After some modifying of a 6x48 belt/disk sander, I now have a hardened O-1 plate on her. This allows me grind my bevels parallel to the cutting edge, leaving a nice, clean plunge.

Here is a really neat sharpening system.
It's a CatraSharp, designed and built by CATRA of Sheffield, England. This is the same system used by some of the big name knife manufacturers out there, and makes a knife incredibly sharp.
This is one cool gadget.

Thinking of selling this, as I don't use it anymore.

My EvenHeat Kiln. Computer controlled with the Rampmaster II system, this allows me to really fine  tune my heat treating. I've also got a Nitrogen Dewar that's not in any pictures that I use to Cryo treat my steel.
And naturally, since I have an oven, I need a hardness tester.
This model, by Ames, seems to be custom designed for the knifemaker.
1944 Logan Lathe. This is a cool old WWII era machine I picked up a couple of years ago. I just put a buck chuck on it, and now this thing hold tight tolerances.
This shot was taken a couple of days after I made the mistake of leaving an open tub of acid in the shop, and it has a bit of flash rust on it. I've cleaned that rust off, and learned a valuable lesson.
And here's a shot after it was cleaned up, but the lighting isn't as good.
Here's my Large drill press
My bandsaw.
An old multispeed Rockwell.
I just updated this by putting in some ball bearing guides.
Etcher and Stencil Maker

This needs to go up for sale too, as I have made my own etcher, and buy all my supplies from TUS technologies

Anodizer, I made this puppy myself.
It's pretty easy to do.
Handmade Punch. I make Nylatron and Bronze washers with this.

1st I punch a .375 hole for the bushing, then the spud on the large punch centers it up to punch the OD.

New brake I designed in order to make custom pocket clips
  Milling Speed and Feed Calculator

Copyright 2006 Brian Fellhoelter