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Here she is, my 1st Auto!

Just shy of 2" of blade in all her California Legal Glory!

The handle is 3-3/8" Long Ti, right about .4" thick.

Weighing in at 77 grams, I think this is one of my coolest creations yet.






Here's my very 1st knife. This one's mine forever. She's smooth as silk. Finish leaves a little to be desired, but hey, I'm picky. Titianium Liners, Bolsters, Spacers, and Clip. ATS-34 Blade. All the Ti is anodized blue except the clip. Bronze pivot bushing, and Nylatron thrust washers make this thing open with the slightest flip of the wrist.





Here's my 1st fixed blade knife.
It's made of O-1, with a Maple Burl Handle.
It's sized about 6" overall.

Cristie's keeping this one.



Please Pardon my poor photographic skills. I'm hoping to get a photographer to take some decent photo's. These pics do not even remotely do these knives justice. There are a few that are pretty good though.
I have coerced Cristie into taking pictures for me, and the shots here have improved by leaps and bounds.

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