Here's the anatomy of one of my bolstered knives.

If you look close, you'll see I have a pin through the thong hole. This keeps everything in line so I can grind the profile.

To finish the profile, I'll screw the other bolster on, and run a pin through the pivot hole too. Then I can grind both scales, liners, and bolsters together, so everything matches.

I think you will be impressed when you first feel one of my knives. The action is smooth and solid.

Blade length on this model, the Kwerk, is about 3 3/8" x 1/8" thick, and overall length is about 8 1/4". Overall thickness on the bolstered knife is a bit less than 9/16", and the solid G-10 or Carbon Fiber model comes in around 7/16".

This is a fairly large, stout knife, even though the weight comes in around 100 grams for the G-10 knife, and 150 grams for the Bolstered model. These knives are light!

Liners, Clips, Bolsters, Spacers, ThumbStuds and Pocket Clips are all Titanium, and I have the capabilities to anodize them.

All of my screws are stainless, with Torx heads.

So far, the bulk of my blades are CPM154. Cryo treated, and double tempered.

Click on the picture for a closeup view.


Copyright 2006 Brian Fellhoelter