UPDATED 3 November, 2012

TiBolt pen launched on Kickstarter.
Check it out, buy a dozen.

Also, check out my new website www.Fellhoelter.com which is going live to coincide with the Kickstarter launch.

Order Books are closed.

Sorry, but at the moment, I have no plans to re-open them any time soon.
No custom orders for a while.


G4 Show knives can be seen HERE.

Welcome to the home of
Brian Fellhoelter Knives

Straightforward Knives, for Straightforward People.

A special thank you to the judges at the Blade Show for awarding one of my knives "Best Tactical Folder"
It's a great honor.

The Knives for the Gathering, 2011 are HERE.
Thanks everyone for making it my most successful show yet.

Keep an eye out for my production knives.
Several ECS variants shipping now from Timberline Knives.


Last Work In Progress page is up HERE

It has been a long time since there was an update to the webpage, and I figured it is long overdue.

MAJOR update on the equipment page.
Finally some pictures of the new shop

Updated the Gallery page too.

Taking a job overseas really slowed everything down, but I am done with that!
I am now home, and ready to make knives.

I recently bought a home in Arizona, and finally have the shop up and running.
I am Mr. Mom, the Knifemaker now, and no longer travelling to Africa.

Expect to see some new models real soon, friction folders, big folders, small folders, and a linerlock that will be a big departure from my normal designs.



My name is Brian Fellhoelter, and I make all the knives you will find on these web pages.
To learn a bit about who I am, and what I am about, please follow the About Me link.

You will find out while exploring my Website that I specialize in custom folding knives. I've got a couple of fixed blades now, but my love is for folders.

Please browse around, and when you are all done, tell me what you think.

I'm hoping to get some e-commerce up soon, but in the meantime feel free to email me if you'd like to buy a knife, or have me make one for you.

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Three Little Indians RIP Larry, I miss you buddy

Triple Aught Design

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